Warhammer: Arcane Magic



Warhammer: Arcane Magic is a strategy game for iOs developed by Norvegian studio Turbo Tape Games. I worked as a Level & Props designer on this game during a summer internship at Turbo Tape Games, along with two other graphists interns.

Our mission consisted in producing game ready 3D assets for the environments of two additional campaigns: Lustria and Naggaroth.

What I did:

  • Creating concept-art for the assets and levels, using official Warhammer rule books as references
  • Modelling and texturing 3D assets
  • Texturing terrains

Our achievements :

  • Getting excellent feedbacks from Turbo Tape Games and Games Workshop on the quality of our work
  • Providing the team with twice the amount of work recquiered
  • Smoothly collaborating with an English speaking team in a foreign country.