OX is a 2D side scrolling platformer created by the Mafia Voodoo team (composed of 4 students). This game was developped for the 2013-2014 edition of the Microsoft Imagine Cup contest and won the 3rd Prize at the National Final.

In OX, the player embodies a young woman willing to enter the etheral world ruled by a mysterious and powerful entity named OX. As her journey is filled with many dangers, she will have to use her teleportation ability to survive!

We achieved to create a dynamic and fun game, set in a mysterious and colorful world inspired by both tribal cultures and street art.

I worked on this project as a 2D artist. What I did : Creating artistic direction in collaboration with Paul Clarissou, concept art, including character and environment design , painting 2D game elements and colouring character’s animation frames, decorating levels following level design.

The devblog : http://mafiavoodoo.tumblr.com/

The Mafia Voodoo team :

Paul Clarissou – Lucas Maupin – Thomas Verdier – Romane Govin